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Susan K. McClelland

“Librarians are warrior princes and princesses weilding book love like swords! We are ever vigilant, curious, intelligent and kind. Libraries are our banners which we carry into the fray proudly. Forward, ever forward!” Susan K. McClelland Adult & Teen Services Librarian Oak Park Public Library

Natalie Korsavidis

“Libraries help introduce children and teens to the wonderful world of literature. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a teen’s face when they connect to a book. It’s magical.” Natalie Korsavidis Head of YA Farmingdale Library

Molly Higgins

“Not all librarians work with books. I work with medical journals. My colleagues work with data. We teach and help medical students, doctors, and researchers how to do research (better). Sure, we still have books, but that’s not what our job centers on. What we do is give direction to curiosity.” Molly Higgins Library Fellow […]

Samantha Marison

“I first traveled to the American Library Association conference in Las Vegas because I believed in libraries. I was 21. I travel today because I believe in libraries. It’s an Information Age, and for libraries, always has been.” Samantha Marison

Majed Khader

“Libraries are very much like oysters; common, abundant, and seemingly ordinary. That is, until you find the endless beauty held within.” Majed Khader Director of the Morrow Library Marshall University

Ingrid Conley-Abrams

“No one is better at fostering intellectual curiosity than children’s and teen librarians.” Ingrid Conley-Abrams Children’s Librarian Brooklyn Public Library

Naomi Gonzales

“To me, libraries will always be a place of discovery and empowerment. We help equip people with the knowledge they need to face their challenges, no matter how personal or epic. Think Giles, from Buffy.” Naomi Gonzales Public Health Coordinator National Network of Libraries of Medecine

Kathryn J. Deiss

“Librarians introduce us to the new and give us tools to bring clarity to the present, to discover the past, and to create the future.”   Kathryn J. Deiss Content Strategist Association of College & Research Libraries

Erin Berman

“Libraries are our future. Without them our democracy is Lost.” Erin Berman, San Jose Public Library